Our NAVCS cloud services empower developers to build innovative applications efficiently and more quickly. Creating a game-changing application system is not an easy task, and building a suitable server at the back end for your application systems is an added burden that makes your process more complicated. NAVTECH makes your life easier by managing intensive backend services, allowing you to focus your team on innovation in your market space.

We provide seamless cloud services to handle your cloud storage, manage your user accounts, push notifications, and many other services. NAVTECH's cloud services are built on the same rock-solid platform as our other services, and provide robust features and ample storage space so that you can access saved data in the cloud from any location. NAVTECH provides infrastructure and application development services that enable clients to run their entire IT portfolio virtually in the cloud. Leading organizations across the globe embrace our cloud services and benefit from our global delivery cloud network, providing high scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Why choose NAVTECH as your Cloud partner?

  • We provide a highly scalable and robust backend to your application systems.
  • We control and operate cloud servers programmatically with RIM and RESTful API services.
  • We integrate the latest software-defined networking technologies to enhance network security.
  • Our dedicated and focused experts provides 24x7x365 support on the open cloud.
  • Our cloud experts help you plan, deploy and run your application system or website anywhere across the globe.
  • We provide full-fledged, rock-solid and robust user account management in the cloud.

App on Cloud services:

Our cloud expertise addresses our clients' demand for cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) applications with Microsoft's Azure and Salesforce platforms. NAVTECH develops and provides customized business applications to our clients with Microsoft's Azure and's multitenant, accommodated infrastructure. Our Certified Consultants, Developers and Administrators leverage the strength of our CRM experts, tools, methodologies, patterns and accelerators. Our collaborative project approach and well-developed tools increase productivity and build pre-configured micro-vertical solutions and point solutions for precise business requirements and needs.


NAVTECH's end-to-end service offerings include:

  • Linkage of application capabilities to requirements.
  • Successful adoption of the application to realize business benefit.
  • Fully integrated and scalable CRM systems.
  • Custom solution development on the platform.

Cloud Infrastructure:

Our cloud-based infrastructure service delivers secure and scalable IT infrastructure with on-demand access to virtual server and storage resources. We help organizations minimize costs while streamlining and expanding their IT capabilities without spending capital resources on infrastructure. Our cloud-based infrastructure service is stunningly scalable, secure and highly available over the internet. Our dedicated resources ensure 24x7 availability with proactive and reactive support through our RIM platform for IT applications and infrastructure on the cloud.