Digital Recruitment

A digital recruitment process is an upgrade to the conventional hiring process.

The process of digital recruitment can be defined as a way of leveraging technology to the source, assess, attract, select and recruit candidates for open positions. It includes everything like career websites, leveraging job boards, recruiting through mobile, social hiring, and online assessments.

Virtual reality

Offers an exciting prospect. Many industries possess VR headsets, which are designed to engage the candidates and offer them better content. Using VR let a candidate know that the business practice innovative and cutting-edge technologies. It provides positive images even if it is expensive and timely to integrate into the recruitment strategy.

Artificial Intelligence AI

Artificial Intelligence is playing a great role in the way of finding new talents. Its advent has been meteoric in the leading media publications of the world. It considered recruitment as one of the challenging jobs that modern businesses hold. AI can alleviate a bigger proportion of hard work.

Video Interviews

No matter where a candidate lives, dragging him/her down to the interview room is no more an advanced way of hiring. It is a waste of money and time for the company as well as the candidate if it does not seems suitable. With easy access to FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, and other communication channels, it is possible to interview candidates’ right from their place and at any time.

Social Media

Social media can be an excellent place to head towards recruiting. Whether it is Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram or other professional networks like LinkedIn, you can find them all and use them in order to recruit the best talent.

This is one of the most effective recruiting techniques that are effective to target millennials and next-generation who use social media to meet all their requirements.