NAVTECH provides enterprise design, delivery, support and maintenance for industry leading open source, custom and licensed software solutions. We currently support the following technologies:

  • Big Data
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft AZURE
  • .Net
  • Liferay
  • JAVA
  • MySQL
  • Pentaho, Jaspe and BIRT Business Intelligence Reporting Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics
  • Cloud Services
  • Hadoop
  • Amazon Web Services

NAVTECH development and support not only gives organizations SLA coverage on supported off the shelf products but also on custom solutions developed in Microsoft .Net, Java and DRUPAL. Our over 12 years of experience delivery technical solution to the enterprise has led to very effective delivery models designed to effectively reach each client's unique objectives while reducing costs. Solutions delivered and supported by NAVTECH consistently result in higher user satisfaction while realizing a reduced Total Cost of Ownership. NAVTECH support engineers are backed by the open source communities they remain ever active in and steeped in the latest technologies. Thus providing our clients with expert resources to resolve any issue they may encounter quickly. NAVTECH will lead your organization down the path to extreme cost savings while ensuring you have a highly available best of breed enterprise solution that fits your needs, thus providing you with a single point of contact and accountability.

Enterprise Solutions as a Services

NAVTECH provides SLA support across development, test, staging and production environments. For those organization with existing IT infrastructure simply select those expensive pain points within your IT portfolio may want to turn into a pain free lower monthly bill and NAVTECH will present an Assessment, Transition Roadmap and Price Quote. If you have a new system you would like designed, developed, tested, hosted and supported NAVTECH can accommodate all aspects in a flexible monthly billing model.

Support Options

NAVTECH realizes companies may desire varying degrees of Enterprise Support so we offer three distinct levels for your organization to choose from.

Advisory Support:

Designed for organizations looking for an experienced partner to assist in selecting, installing, configuring, customizing, integrating and developing in open source software but providing no hands on assistance.

Limited Support:

NAVTECH will provide advisory support with an additional amount of hands on consulting hours per month. The desired number of hours can be designated prior to each month in increments of 10 hours at a discounted rate. If more hours are required in a given month they can be provisioned as needed at a slightly higher rate. The consulting hours can be used for any of the NAVTECH services listed in the table above.

Enterprise Support:

In addition to the features of Advisory and Limited Support, this level includes 24x7 monitoring with proactive response to ensure proven upgrades and patches are applied as needed and ensure all systems remain operative at peak performance levels. Consulting hours are used as needed with no penalty for additional hours. NAVTECH will refund money for any production down situation incurred within our control.

NAVTECH Indemnification for Open Source Software

NAVTECH provides indemnification coverage for open source in order to help enterprises guard against the intellectual property risks that can come with open source software. NAVTECH's indemnification coverage gives enterprises financial protection should a third party file an intellectual property infringement claim based on the use of open source software downloaded from the NAVTECH Certified Library. By mitigating the intellectual property risks associated with open source, NAVTECH allows enterprises to safely and securely use open source software.

NAVTECH is responsible

NAVTECH's support gives your organization one number to call to resolve any issue in your solution. Opposed purchasing Support Level Agreements from each open source vendor with none of them having a vested interest or accountability in your overall solution. NAVTECH assumes responsibility for supporting the solution not the individual vendors open source product thus eliminating the finger pointing that is so common in enterprise open source solutions that span multiple vendors.

Proven best practices, experience and knowledge

NAVTECH's technical support team and consultants come armed with the extended NAVTECH Community, twelve years of experience delivering open source solutions to the enterprise, an extensive ever expanding knowledge base, proven best practices, an international delivery and support team, 24x7 availability, an excellent online issue resolution reporting system and tenured industry knowledge. No matter what issue you're experiencing or when it occurs NAVTECH has the in house expertise to resolve it quickly and correctly.

Supported Source Code Changes

It is a common practice and often necessary to modify the source code for open source software which in most cases requires a special support agreement from the vendor or even worst renders your solution unsupported. NAVTECH support can mitigate this common issue. Our Consultants and Support engineers are active in the community and actually contribute to the source code found in NAVTECH Certified open source packages. This makes NAVTECH uniquely qualified to modify the underlying source code for the open source software supporting your solution. NAVTECH will support your solution with source code changes as long as the changes are reviewed and approved by our governance board.

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