Financial Services

NAVTECH provides high-performance, secure Big Data solutions that enable financial services firms to extract the most value from their data.

Trading analytics. Analyzing a combination of historical and real-time market data to make investment decisions.

Risk management. Accurately modeling the credit and investment risk the firm is exposed to at any point in time


NAVTECH enables manufacturing firms to bring together all of their data streams for analysis in a scalable, cloud-based Big Data ecosystem.

Use cases include:

Predictive asset maintenance. Proactively managing physical systems based on failure-prediction and anomaly-detection algorithms to prevent loss of productivity.

Product quality analytics. Monitoring product quality through the analysis of product sensor data and customer sentiment.


NAVTECH provides healthcare organizations a path to game-changing analytics without major data center investment, while meeting mandated privacy and security requirements.

Use cases include:

Precision medicine. Determining optimal treatments based on genetic information, molecular analysis, environmental factors, and statistical clustering.

Predictive analytics for patient care. Identifying patients at risk of infection or readmission using a combination of historical data and real-time patient vitals.


Marketing analytics companies work with NAVTECH to process a multitude of information, from point of sale (POS) and transaction data to click stream, ad tracking, and social media data, so that they can develop richer customer profiles and analytics solutions for their own clients Use cases include:

Use cases include:
  • Customer segmentation
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Personalized marketing
  • Platform for client analytics services
Digital Media

NAVTECH provides a fast, scalable analytics solution, helping ensure that companies make the most of their understanding of customer dynamics.

Use cases include:
  • Targeted advertising and campaigns
  • Developing content strategy
  • User engagement and retention

Rising consumer sentiment, a spike in purchasing power and the per capita income has seen a boom in the retail sector. In this highly competitive marketplace, excel with great technological solutions from NAVTECH. From maximizing the customer experience to helping succeed across different channels.

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