Enterprise Content Management

For any business or enterprise, objective is to improve revenue, cost efficiency, business processes, and create more agile organizations. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions help organizations channelize their content to derive value in business activities. The need for content solutions within enterprise is necessary irrespective of size or area of activity. Content solutions not only helps in managing but also help in automating key business processes thereby reducing time, overhead, and dependency on team members across the length and breadth of activities within and outside the organization. Content Solutions have matured to include the social features and other capabilities that enable collaboration that make content management and transfer easier.


  • Business solution
  • Address both technical and business objectives
  • Multi-channel
  • Collaboration
  • Approval, Notification, Push-Pull, Conversion, Grouping, Authoring
  • Security
  • Security, Role-based Access, Encryption
  • Search
  • Search, Google-like, Retrieve, Multi-Source
  • Scalable storage
  • Storage, Disk, Volume, Archival, Backup, Retention
  • Unified, Organized Content Store
  • Data/Content, Versioning, Classification
  • Digitization
  • Paper, Electronic
  • Non-functional
  • Performance, Speed, Multi-User, Global
  • Support
  • Consolidation, Support & Maintenance

NAVTECH has experience of delivering content solutions for various customers including migrating content and collaboration systems from proprietary technologies to proven Open Source technology products based solutions.

implementations such as ECM, WCM, LMS, BPM, Contract Management and integrating with portals, ERP, CRM, IAM/IRM, legacy systems etc.

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